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Who we are

We are committed data scientists with a drive to explore new things and improve old ones. We seek to understand what the meta levels and first principles of our models, assumptions, and ideas are. Our different schools of thought allow us to constantly question the status quo. As an interdisciplinary team with experience in managing multi-billion EUR AUM portfolios, data science and software development, we provide exceptional returns.

Lukas Widmann

Chief Investment Officer
Lukas formerly worked for one of the largest German institutional investors as a portfolio manager and is co-founder of an AI start-up focusing on time series analysis. For its models, dcorr has already been declared a winner at the Future Fundstars Award (Fundview). dcorr draws on a broad network of practitioners in the financial and AI industry to offer best-in-class performance over the long term.

Fabian Seipel

Co-Founder & Advisory

Corvin Jaedicke

Co-Founder & Advisory